Alexandra Gallagher Interview

Alexandra Gallagher portrait
Alexandra Gallagher portrait
Alexandra Gallagher

Forty Nine Questions and Art Ain’t One

  1. Favourite Colour? Combination of Turquoise and red together
  2. When you were growing up what did you want to be? An artist. Ive always wanted to do this for as long as I can remember 
  3. Name the Place you’d most like to live in? Scotland
  4. Seaside or Countryside  Seaside
  5. You’re hosting a dinner party what’s your signature dish?  Surf and turf gumbo
  6. Dogs or Cats? I like both, but cats are more independent 
  7. What was your nickname at school?  Spud
  8. Most influential person in your life?  Lots of people have influenced and changed my life over the years, but i would have to say my husband stands out as the most influential  
  9. If you could go back in time to which period would you go to?  1920’s
  10. Name an Instagram account you follow.  @beaytifulbizarremagazine
  11. Favourite Museum or Gallery  Natural History Museum
  12. If money was no object, what luxury item would you buy yourself?  A ticket to travel the world
  13. First single/album you bought.  Think it was a charity tape in the early 90’s? I can’t remember the name
  14. Person you’d love to meet?  Greyson Perry
  15. Describe your ultimate romantic date. Next to a lake or Loch totally secluded from everyone, just chilling with good wine and food
  16. You are happiest when…….  traveling about in a motorhome
  17. What makes you sad? the super rich destroying everything and making people suffer through hunger, war, poverty, so they can keep making themselves richer – psychopaths! 
  18. If you could change one thing about the world.  That wealth would be more evenly distributed and we’d stop using fossil fuel and start using green energy for everything. Also a ban on most plastic too
  19. Whats the first thing on your bucket list?  Visit Iceland
  20. Favorite Restaurant?  Theres a local Caribbean place in town that I love
  21. Book shop or Record Shop?  Record Shop
  22. Name your favourite book? Not sure I have one? I love poetry book. I have a beautiful collection of William Blake poems that I love
  23. Pet Hate  Rudeness and lying 
  24. Prize Possession I don’t have one? 
  25. How many tattoos/piercings do you have? 2
  26. Gym or Jim Bean?  Jim Bean
  27. What colour are your eyes?  Green/Brown, although if I’m ill or upset they go very green. 
  28. Junk Food which is your dirty secret?  Piri Piri chicken
  29. What’s your poison?  Brandy
  30. Describe your morning routine.   Sorting my kids out, then make a coffee, and then crack on with work – in my Pj’s. 
  31. Where do you call home? I live in Blackburn, but I wouldn’t say I call it home
  32. What makes you laugh? Most things – I laugh a lot… Not always things that I should laugh at and many stupid bizarre things
  33. What perfume/aftershave do you use? Chanel No5
  34. Whats you favourite season and why? Summer I love the sunshine… But I also like Autumn for the changing  leaves and wrapping up… And I love winter for the snow… And I love spring for the bluebells
  35. Describe the wildest night out you’ve ever had. I don’t think I could 
  36. What opportunity have you turned down?  Many, especially as I was a mum at 18 so I’ve always put my daughter first, but I’m very philosophical and always think these things happen for a reason, and something else always comes up
  37. Have you ever been arrested? Yes
  38. Favorite Quote?  Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die – no idea who came up with that
  39. First Gig?  I’m not sure i can remember? 
  40. Biggest Regret?  Not valuing my self more as a person when I was younger
  41. Describe something that you are proud of My daughters… its such a mum answer isn’t it! Haha!   
  42. Describe yourself in 3 words. Open, Quirky, Determined 
  43. Favourite film.  Thats a tough one to decide… Leon, Labyrinth, Beetle juice
  44. How many pairs of shoes do you own? I’ve lost count
  45. Describe a favourite walk  A really early morning walk where everything is crisp and bright
  46. Tell us whats in your bag/pockets  purse, tissues, stanley blade, screw driver, mints, lots of bit of crap, lip balm, lipstick
  47. Who was the last person you called?  My mum, having a catch up
  48. Whats the tune/band that you are listening to the most?  it changes all the time and depends on my mood
  49. Whats your cure for a hangover?  lots of water and a couple of banana’s… sleep works best though 

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